What You Must Know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDS)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are diseases that are transmitted through sexual intercourse and are caused by viruses, parasites, and bacteria. Although it affects both men and women, the health issues linked to STDs might be more serious for women. For instance, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are most especially dangerous for women, as they can cause devastating effects leading to infertility.

The presence of a prevailing sexually transmitted disease may also increase the chances of acquiring other transmitted infections such as HIV. Although a few early signs of HIV infection may be swollen glands and flu-like symptoms, which may surface within a month or two, its severe symptoms might take years to appear. People that have been infected with HIV can still survive for several years, but with drugs to combat the infection.

Furthermore, the risk of acquiring STD is extremely high among the youth or anyone who engages in an unprotected sexual activity. This increases more when a person has many sex partners. Anyone who is infected with STDs is more likely to get HIV infection when exposed to the virus via sexual contact compared to uninfected individuals. You can learn more about STDs and the need for HIV testing online. A few other sexually transmitted diseases that are equally deadly include Syphilis, Hepatitis etc.


Condoms provide absolute protection against STDs: Although it offers protection against STDs, it might not be enough to protect you from STDs that spread even with the use of condoms.

You cannot have STDs more than once: Even though STDs like gonorrhea and Chlamydia can be treated when diagnosed early, you are prone to infection if you share sexual relations with an infected person. HIV infections are for life, and you can only alleviate the infection with drugs.

No signs of infection, so I am safe: The majority of STDs do not show any symptoms immediately, sometimes, for years, and you might also mistake some symptoms for several other less serious diseases. For instance, you might mistake gonorrhea to be a bladder infection until tested.

With that said, if you are noticing symptoms of being infected or perhaps you have more than one sex partner, you may need to get tested right away. (Clinic name) offers confidential STD Screening. They also offer HIV Testing and guarantee your total privacy. You can book an appointment here.

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