Importance of HIV Test

Importance of HIV Test

Almost one-fourth of those with an HIV virus are unaware about their illness. The transmissions of HIV virus cannot be reduced especially if individuals don’t exactly know about their status of HIV, whether they’re HIV negative or HIV positive. HIV test are the only ways to figured out if the persons are living with HIV virus. Even if you don’t suspect that you possibly have an HIV virus, still it is very important to get tested to determine if you really don’t have.

Early test will give you an assurance about the disease. When is the best time to get tested? Well, as far as HIV test is concerned, it is very important to have an early or rapid test, to ensure safety. Can HIV virus be prevented? Well, the transmissions of the disease can be avoided by reducing risky behaviors. An HIV is being spread-out through contact along with bodily fluid from a person who’s infected of the virus. One of the risky behaviors is by having an unprotected sex to a person whose status about HIV is unknown.

Advantages of Quick HIV Test

For more individuals, a fast test lets for testing. According to CDC, there are millions of Americans who have HIV, however only some of them are aware about it. More than 44, 000 Americans each year have become infected of HIV. That number recently decreased for more testing.

Those people who take HIV test with the used of traditional methods, thirty-one percent among them who have tested positively, don’t come back for the results, that are usually available one/more weeks right after the tests are done. Individuals give different reasons why they are not returning to get their tests results. Every response frequency varies on the population that have been tested. One of the most typical reasons given includes the following:

  • Lack of transportations
  • Fear of the positive results
  • Relocating to the new city
  • Fear that HIV status would be disclosed
  • Belief that they’re low risks for an HIV, therefore the results would be negative

Significant advantages of quick HIV test involve the following:

  • People who don’t want needle stick or afraid of blood test might decide to get tested.
  • Providing rapid result lessens the needs for individuals to come back in order to get the result, even though positive result should be confirmed through additional tests.
  • If you immediately confirmed that you’re positive for HIV virus, you can start receiving treatments, and take the steps needed to avoid virus transmissions.
  • Many studies have already proven that having an early test for HIV virus will result to better, quality and long-term life.
  • Early HIV test can also help you to be more aware about the virus, and preventing HIV infections.
  • Getting your result immediately can help you to reduce the anxiety that you are feeling while waiting to get your test result.
  • Early detection of HIV virus is one of the best keys to slow down the spread of your HIV.
  • Another great advantage of having an early diagnosis about HIV virus can help you to receive the right medications, fighting the HIV virus.
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