HIV Testing in Singapore

HIV Testing in Singapore

The fact that you never engage in unprotected sex or have only been with a completely trusted partner does not mean you cannot have HIV infection. Sharing of sharp objects, having unprotected anal sex or any other activity that may expose you to contaminated body fluids can make you susceptible to having the disease.

Furthermore, the terrifying thing is that you may never know who is carrying the infection unless they tell you, as its early stages often have no symptoms whatsoever. However, due to all these ways of HIV infection and the fact that its infection is somewhat rampant, it is very vital you get tested for HIV if there is any possibility that you may have been exposed.

Thanks to advanced medicine, HIV can now be controlled in its early stages. But the most important thing is early testing. The earlier you get tested, the better your chances of staying healthy, even if you tested positive. You also need to get tested without delay if you assume there is even the least chance of an HIV infection since you could unknowingly be passing the virus to other people. Getting tested can give you peace of mind knowing that you are not infected or you start taking the appropriate medical steps and sexual precautions if you are infected to keep you and any partners healthy.

You can get tested for HIV through your family doctor or through online testing clinics. Although you may not want to use your family doctor with the fear of embarrassment or do not want the testing to go on their medical records. As an alternative, you can register with an online testing clinic. Regardless of the route you decide to take, HIV testing in Singapore can be a bit more involved than testing elsewhere.

Tanjong Pagar STD Clinic offers a way to get this test done without the fear of your test result being revealed to anybody except you. You can trust them with your information without having to worry about it ending up in the wrong hands. Do you want to have HIV testing in Singapore, but would like to maintain your privacy? (your clinic name) offers private testing for HIV and all other sexually transmitted diseases. Bear in mind that delaying to get tested can be very dangerous to you. Therefore, ensure you book an appointment for HIV testing in Singapore without delay.

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