Facts about STD Screening & Tests

The mere thought of contracting STDs diseases carry stigma. People who are already infected or think they are infected stress about social speculation and view of their way of life, at times, feeling guilt or shame. Some might comfort themselves in knowing that they are not the only one involved.
With that said, the only sure way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases is to abstain from any sexual activity. But if you have chosen to participate in sexual relationships, it is important you understand some basic facts about STD screening and tests to effectively protect your health.

Regardless of gender, the existence of sores on one’s genital, unusual discharge or pain from the same is an indication that you need to be tested for STD.

Although health care experts promote regular HIV/AIDS testing, the frequency of STD testing will need to must be increased if and/or when an individual increase his/her infection risk.
Not all physicians do the same STD tests, so the job is all yours. In other words, do not be too ashamed to talk with a doctor so that your health needs can be met.

Testing positive to one STD, most especially, Chlamydia and gonorrhea put you at risk for other infections. Therefore, make sure you are also tested for hepatitis, syphilis and HIV/AIDS. STD screening is now done in many different ways. When you visit a health care clinic to be screened for STDs, the first thing they will do is to counsel you after which the physician will test you for the conditions. Although not everyone has health insurance and not all insurers cover STD testing. It is therefore essential you do not allow money to discourage you from receiving the appropriate screening services.

Why go for STD screening?

Getting tested for STD allows you to know whether or not you have a disease. Some STDs are curable, while others are treatable. Chlamydia is an example. It can be treated and even cured so you never have to experience its consequences. Early discovery with routine STD screenings can help you remain healthy. Just because you may have an incurable disease, does not imply you are doomed. There have been lots of medical improvements in STD treatments. For more details, you can book an appointment here.

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