HIV Testing

HIV Testing

It has been recommended that every person between the age of fifteen and sixty-five should have a routine doctor’s visit. For individuals, the benefits could be huge whether it is putting your minds at ease regarding the status of your HIV or to give you the needs in which to build informed decisions concerning your health. It doesn’t mean that there are no emotional challenges or else this may keep you of getting tested. However, what everyone can speak out with full confidence are the benefits offer of an HIV testing.

Reasons Why You Should Get an HIV Testing

  • HIV test is fast & provide you a complete control

Discomfort, confidentiality and inconvenience are the most usual reasons why there are so many individuals who avoid an HIV testing. However, be honest with yourself. Things have enormously changed, with the latest test that offer high level of accuracy and greater speed. If you cannot bear waiting about the result of your HIV testing, then nowadays, there are many rapid HIV testing options which can offer you the results in just twenty minutes.

Aside from that, if you really hate needles, you don’t need to worry anymore, as you will no longer experience that. Saliva-based test has been widely used these days as the traditional blood test. Or probably, you are too worried about the medical confidentiality, then will rather not choose to walk in a crowded testing site, so why not try the commercially available HIV test in home, that puts you the control right back where it really belongs.

  • Individuals with HIV could live normal & long lives

The explanations of many researches are so simple & plain. If you’re at your twenty’s and have found out that you are HIV positive, you can live now will to your seventy’s & beyond once provided an immediate ART or anti-retroviral therapy. Think about that, it is not all about adding some extra years in your life, but it is also about the normal longevity. On the other hand, delaying ART, for decades or some time for years, could take back those gains. Just the same when you are smoking and you inject drugs, or take drugs inconsistently for up to ten years.

  • Early treatment can ensure better health

This is another reason why you should get an HIV testing. It is not only about the numbers of year that you live. Having an early therapy could afford you for healthier life and long life to boot. There are some investigations about the advantages of having an early treatment than delaying the treatment. It has been concluded that having therapy during the time of finding will not only help in reducing the illness likelihood and death at by few fifty-seven percent, however did very irrespective of ones’ age, sex, race, economic status, and viral load. So, it doesn’t really matter where you are living, how old or young you are. Having an early HIV testing can let you for an early treatment that ensures healthier & longer life.

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